Contact us today for your scuba training needs. We provide multiple options to offer you the best training possible.

Scuba Diving Instruction

Let us know your needs as far as dive training goes. If we do not have instructors on staff that can provide the training you seek, we maintain excellent working relationships with several independent instructors in the area. Our ultimate goal is make sure you receive the best training possible and enjoy your underwater adventure!

First Aid / CPR Training

Being able to provide CPR and basic first aid are vital skills that help you to be a better prepared diver. Let us certify you in these skills with a comprehensive course that is geared specifically toward divers. Learn how to respond to everything from marine life injuries to DCS. Don't freeze up when an emergency occurs. Get the training that will give to the confidence to act.

Emergency Oxygen Provider Training

Make yourself a better dive buddy by learning how to properly provide oxygen to treat dive injuries. In the unlikely event that an injury occurs while diving, be prepared to deal with it. Wiseguys Scuba can train you to provide 100% oxygen as an important first step in treating dive injuries. Just a little bit of training could make all the difference in an emergency.

Scuba Training

Scuba Training

Scuba Training